Monday, December 8, 2008

I enjoy those biscuits.

I love to laugh but enjoy making others laugh more. My friends once told me that my worst quality was that I was never serious. I think I have out grown that (this was about 14 years ago). I have a serious side but am not a very emotional person. I like to receive hugs but not give them. Allow me to explain: If someone comes up to hug me, I an all for it and will generally give them a nice squeeze back (even if it's a stranger). But for me to approach someone (I'm even talking about close friends & family) and offer a hug is almost non-existent. It happens, but it is rare. I have emotions, but I do not wear them on my sleeve. I think most people would describe me as happy but with a sad flare, if that makes sense. My close friends would probably say that I am a loner .... and, yes, I think it's true. I think that word has a negative connotation so I feel the need to explain a little. I am horrible at calling people - they call me. I am even worse about calling people back (in my defense my phone has narcolepsy and does not alert me to messages or texts 94% of the time). I like spending time by myself - is that soooo weird? Right now, my perfect life structure of non-work related time would consist of: 60% alone time, 20% family time and 20% friend time. Yes, this is the life structure of a single girl - I am sure that it will change in the future. It may seem like I am selfish but I guarantee you that I am not - I just like to spend time doing the things I enjoy doing. And, more importantly, I have not found that "special someone" who would make me want to compromise and change my current ways.

I am not bubbly, just witty. I am not affectionate but I am sure you'll think I am love-able. I am smart, but I am no brainiac. I am a dork, but a fun dork, damnit. I read on a menu at a Chinese restaurant that my animal is the monkey. I am frugal, but I would do anything in my power to help you - no matter how much it cost. I hate to shop, but I love bargains. I am cautious when dealing with people, life and money. I once slept for 37 hours straight, not even getting up to use the washroom. I am independent. I do not cry very often. I laugh at inappropriate times. I am tall - 6'2" to be exact. I very rarely say "I love you". I can write it, I just do not verbalize it. Yo!, I love you. I hate phones. More specifically ... I loathe cell phones. I own a cell phone. I drive a Hybrid. Yes, I am green. An Inconvenient Truth changed my life. I do not drink soda. I prefer iced tea, juice or water. I love milk. I do not drink coffee, I just get up & go. I do not eat red meat. No, I am not a vegetarian. I have never walked up hill both ways to school. I find that impossible. My future children and grand-children will never hear me say this. I love all fruits and all vegetables but they have to be fresh and raw. I own 5 wigs and 37 pairs of shoes. I keep my house at 64ยบ in the winter. I voted for Obama. I pray that no one does anything to hurt him. I fear they will. I like nerds. I am a Taurus. Yes, I am stubborn. I do not like ignorant people. I am open-minded. I am optimistic. I have a curious power of dominating others, but I am not conscious of doing it. I am dependable. The glass is half full, no matter what you tell me. I like old music. I hate "ooonce ooonce" dance music. Biscuits from Red Lobster are heaven to me. If I like something, I say: "I enjoy it". I enjoy those biscuits. If I fight, I will do so in the open. I hate trickiness and deceit. I will most likely just walk away. I pronounce words with "str" as if they have an "h" between the "s" and the "t". Straight = sh tray t. Stripper = sh trip per. I think I am a good host. I am probably not a good host. My favorite color is green. I am of German decent. My Grandma's maiden name was Munsterman. I would rather be cold than hot. If you are going to buy me flowers, buy me something I can plant. I am slightly perverted. I do not think anything you could say would offend me. I was born May 14, 1980. That was the year John Lennon died. I was 6 months old. Gas was $1.17 that year. I need security. I am strong willed. I think I am creative. If they made a movie of my life I would want Toni Collette to play me. I think she was marvelous in The Sixth Sense and Little Miss Sunshine. It would be a tragic comedy, by the way. When others have given up, I rage on. Oh, by the way, being stubborn is not a bad thing. I am not too fond of change, but I adapt quickly. My home is nicely decorated. I am down to Earth. Should Earth be capitalized? I do not like gaudy things. I will tell you the truth so be careful what you ask me. I am oldfashioned. I prefer drive-in theaters over ampitheaters. I like old soda shops fashioned after the 60's. My man better be loyal & devoted cause that is what I need. I am senstive but I do not seem that way on the exterior. If you ever break my trust it will be nearly impossible to gain it back again. I do not use spell check. If there is an error on here it is because I typed too fast and did not proof-read, not because I am dumb. I am a curious perosn. I can generally accomplish anything. I like a challenge. A good pratical joke is funny, even if it is done on me. My shoulders have dimples in them. I will not spread the gossip but I want to know it. I think I would make an excellent scientist. I used to be a banker. I want to be a teacher. I am a photographer. I love helping others. I hate accepting help. I could listen to my brother play guitar for hours. He lives too far away though, in San Diego. A vacation is for relaxation - do not plan the shit out of it. That chinese restaurant told me my best friends would be dragons or rats. I wonder if that is true. I am easily bored. I am working on this. When I decide on a spouse, it will be forever. Divorce is okay for you, but not for me. No, I do not have A.D.D. Bank of America is not the bank of opportunity. Most of you will not understand that, some of you will. I will watch any scary movie, but only in the daylight. Penelope is my hero (no, not Christina Ricci). Some people say I am pretty but I do not think so. I am humble. I like pictures of cute babies. I look forward to being a mom, but am probably more excited to be an aunt. Probably because I am not ready to have a child just yet. I hate shaving my legs - they are just too damn long. I curse but try not to. My favorite word is tangible because of an inside joke. My hair is brown and I have an average body type aside from being freakishly tall. I can bend my nose down and make it look like I don't have one. I have never been in love. I think Paul Rudd is cute. Brad Pitt is just okay. I do not own a pocket protector but if I did I would wear it. I think jeans & a white t-shirt on a guy is sexy. Night Court was an awesome TV show - I wish they had re-runs of it. Kristin Wiig is my favority SNL cast member. I would like to have one of the 7000 jobs Obama is filling but I would not move to DC. What if you were in the secret service and did not agree with the President's political stance .... would you still take a bullet for him? I do not think I would. Maybe that is why I am not in the Secret Service. I am against Prop 8 which really means I am for gay marriage. My favorite book is about a gorilla. I eat skittles in color order - all green first, then red, then orange, purple is always last. I do not enjoy the yellow ones. Cuddling is nice. Snoring sucks. I do not like gramatical contractions because I think it is lazy. I use them occasionally, but not very often. I bet you're goint to re-read this to see (there's one right there). I type 86 words per minute. I often times mess up lyrics to songs and people think it is funny. It is pretty funny. I like corny jokes. Pick up lines make me laugh.

I was never very good at ending things.